Chapter 55. Granting Celebrities an Interview

How'd you like to work for a movie star? A TV personality? A real estate mogul?

You're ready, and so are they. It's a kick!

I know many of these folks, since I've lived and practiced law in the Beverly Hills–Hollywood area for many years. More shop at Target and Ross than all the upscale stores combined.

The big secret is they're just like any other working warrior.

It's just that we're not. We go gaga and they go anywhere else.

When they're anywhere else with nobody else, they become the most receptive offerors of all. Businesspeople trying to meet a payroll in an uncertain marketplace.

Connecting with famous people is really easy if you study them first.

Ironically, they tend to be introverted and insecure, wary of strangers. These things are understandable. Fame is earned by drive. Drive is fueled by fear (usually of failure or loss. Do 1.). Privacy becomes a way of life because celebrity attracts false friends.

They aren't a laugh happier and they don't live a day longer.

The story of Elvis is repeated in the life of almost every superstar. They hate being so public. It's called solitary confinement in the worst prison imaginable. Life in the fishbowl is equivalent to waterboarding.

For this reason, you never want to contact them directly. That's why paparazzi are so dreaded. They shoot more than photos. They shoot water guns at the waterboarded. Contact them directly, and you'll get instantly uninterviewed.

As always, you're most effective ...

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