Chapter 59. Targeting Interviews with the F-O-C-U-S Principle

I'm about to show you how to instantly target the interviews you want most. A method shared only with the I.I.'s I've helped.

Napoleon Hill was the first person to observe: "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve." It was in the most popular success book ever written, Think and Grow Rich.

Now, six decades later, I'm going to show you how to harness that great discovery. It's my lifelong secret to tapping into the power of human creativity. A mental thought process that effectively sequences thought into action.

Thoughts alone are stillborn. Action alone is "Ready, fire, aim!"

Presenting for the first time anywhere in print:

The F-O-C-U-S Principle

Each of the letters in the mnemonic focus stands for an element of the technique. They are:


This is how it works.


Framing is what happens when you get an idea.

Let's say you want to work as a research chemist for a pharmaceutical manufacturer. The thought is a wish: "I wish I could work as a research chemist for a pharmaceutical manufacturer."

It's one of thousands (actually tens of thousands) of abstract thoughts that aimlessly pass through your mind every day.

You start transforming those thoughts into action by framing. Be realistic but optimistic. In this case, just playing with your kid's chemistry set isn't enough experience (familiarity) to get the gig. But the chances are you have a lot more or you wouldn't ...

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