Chapter 71. Lowering Your Interview Age Instantly

Let's show offerors age is just a number—one!

I wrote Finding the Right Job at Midlife in 1985 and have been working with seniors since that time. When you appear like a genie (Do 1), there's no time for you to be screened out. You're there, granting a wish. It will be done! Age isn't even a thought, let alone a number.

But let's lower your age just to boost your confidence. Your " hire" self will do it.

Your Looks

Find someone in your family who's one or two generations down from you (daughter or granddaughter, for example). Someone in her thirties, the same sex as you, and professional.

Hip too. If you're gonna boogie down, you gotta know what is hip (title of a Tower of Power song). I play drums, so this is serious.


You probably won't have to buy that much, but front and back pockets are essential (Do 1). You can get the clothes you need from outlets anywhere. It's business casual (not like when you were younger) and the variety you can wear is endless. Just show some class.

Men should lose the suit, white shirt, and tie on the basic genie appearance. Women can leave the suit and fancy jewelry home. Pick comfortable shoes with good support. You can buy one of a dozen orthotics for them at any drugstore if you want to cushion or support your feet more.

Check for frayed clothes, scuffed shoes, gaudy jewelry or old glasses, and other midlife memorabilia.

Then have that thirtysomething double-check your work. You'll tend to be too practical. ...

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