Chapter 89. Passing Instantly Through the Personal Screen

Employment applications are instant interviewgetters. But only for instant interviewers!

Finesse one properly and you'll instantly pass right through all screens. The reason is that the same questions are asked over and over again—usually in the same places. There are only so many questions that can be asked, and only so many ways to ask them.

Goof on apps, and you're screened out.

So print out a typical app from any employer and let's finesse it for once and for all.

In this Do, we'll cover the personal items you'll be asked even if you have a resume. (Do 90 is for when you're asked not to write, "See resume.")


They may be only a two-word instruction in paper apps. If so, it's "Please print." Assuming you have access to a typewriter, use it for a paper app. Otherwise, print in handwriting as clearly as you can.

Just be sure to read the instructions on each app. There might be some minor differences (ways to abbreviate, most recent first, or spaces to leave blank).

Since offerors invariably use apps during the interview, it'll also help you to anticipate the order and types of questions you'll be asked.

If you don't follow directions, you won't get interviewed.


Be sure the order is correct. Some apps require last name first.

If it asks for a middle name, don't use your initial (or vice versa).


Customary post office abbreviations are acceptable. Include your extended ZIP+4 code (five digits, a hyphen, and the last ...

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