Chapter 94. Slipping in the Back Door this Saturday

How'd you like to work this Saturday?

What's that? Pay? Who said anything about pay? We're talkin' instant interviews!

Seriously, it's the way to do a backdoor hire. The front door's not just locked on weekends—it's been locked for years (Do 57). That's why you never make it past HR. They screen over there—screen out.

Stop and think about this. How can you expect some administrator who's (1) never done the job, (2) doesn't understand the job, (3) is working from a committee-generated job description or a few-line job requisition, (4) isn't doing the hiring, (5) won't be supervising the employee, and (6) isn't even in the department—to make a favorable decision based upon (7) written background information from (8) someone who has no idea about any of this.

Now you can see why calling managers directly is the only way to get hired.

There are six steps to the Saturday slip.

Call a Hiring Manager Directly

Just pick up the phone and ask the operator for the head of the department where you have some experience (Do 1). This gives you some talking points.

Write a backdoor short opener for yourself.

You say something like, "Hi, Ron. This is Stuart Norcross. I have a background in finance with Competition Corporation, and wanted to discuss how it can benefit your department."

If he shows interest, say you have done or can do everything that's required (if you haven't, you can). Now you've gone from getting to giving—you are meeting a need.

It's all ...

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