Chapter 97. Consulting for Instant Resulting

Your easiest entry to a job interview is to market yourself as an consultant.

Someone who gets results!

All you need is:

  • A judicious look on your face (when not smiling, of course)

  • A suit or dress

  • An ability to pronounce at least 20 of the latest buzzwords and buzzphrases in your field (Trade publications are the best place to find them)

  • A brochure about your expertise and services (a resume)

  • A business card

  • A local business license (if required)

The reason consulting is so easy to discuss is that there is almost no expense or risk to the client. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, up to 30 percent of a typical business payroll is spent on administration alone. This isn't surprising considering the recordkeeping, bookkeeping, cash flow management, payroll taxes, paid holidays, paid vacations, paid sick leave, paid insurance, and paid everything else involved.

As an independent contractor rather than employee, there's no concern about you running to the EEOC or state compliance agency with a discrimination complaint. No concern with group medical workers' compensation or disability claims either.

You complete a W-9 form and receive a 1099 after the end of the year to compute your self-employment taxes (Do 44).

This arrangement isn't available for hourly (nonexempt) jobs, unless you're doing the activity on a freelance basis. Call your state's labor department to find out whether you're eligible.

Phone solicitation is the best way to obtain an ...

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