Quick start – creating your first grid

As you may have seen, there is a little bit of tweaking necessary in order to customize jqGrid and get it set up the way you like. The good news is, you can use that folder as a template and every time you want to make a new project with jqGrid you can just make a copy of that folder.

So, let's do that right now for this example. Create a copy of the entire jqGrid folder named quickstart; easy as pie.

Let's begin by creating the simplest grid possible; open up the index.html file from the newly created quickstart folder, and modify the body section to look like the following code:

<body> <table id="quickstart_grid"></table> <script> var dataArray = [ {name: 'Bob', phone: '232-532-6268'}, {name: 'Jeff', phone: ...

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