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Instant MDX Queries for SQL Server 2012

Book Description

Learn how to write MDX queries from SQL Server Analysis Services 2012 cubes quickly and easily

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Write queries, use functions, and utilize what you write in cubes and reports
  • Write Calculated Members and Named Sets
  • Use SSAS DMVs to document your cube

In Detail

MDX is a query language that is used to retrieve data inside Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services cubes. With MDX, you can display the elements of your cube like attributes and hierarchies from your dimensions, measures from your fact tables, calculations, and KPIs.

This book will help you to understand the MDX query language, write your own MDX queries to display data from your cubes in the way you want, and display the results in Management Studio or in a Reporting Services report.

Instant MDX Query for SQL Server 2012 starts by showing you how to write MDX queries and takes you all the way to integrating your MDX queries into SSRS and retrieving documentation data easily on your cubes.

After you have followed the steps to install SQL Server 2012 with Analysis Services, you will learn how to write MDX queries. Once you understand the basic syntax of a query, you will then learn how to use calculated measures and named sets to reuse your code. MDX functions will help you filter, order, and combine results. Once you have mastered how to write calculated measures and named sets, you will then learn how to add them into your cube to reuse them.Displaying the results in Management Studio won’t be enough, so you will also learn how to write MDX queries in Reporting Services reports.