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Instant Millionaires: The Secrets of Overnight Success

Book Description

In this book you will meet three dozen impatient people. They weren't satisfied with the slow, plodding, money-saving route to financial security, the safe route that most of us feel stuck with. They wanted instant wealth - and they got it. As Max Gunther points out, our folklore frowns on the idea of quick money. As in the fable about the race between a tortoise and a hare. "In the fable, the hare loses. The stories in this book are not fables. They are true. In these stories, the hares win." They are a richly varied lot, these happy hares. Gunther opens with a few dazzling millionaire legends, such as the man who invented Monopoly. You'll then meet fascinating characters such as: Harvey Shuster, who beat the stock market; Howard Brown, who decided to be rich and became a multi-millionaire within three years; and a group of men who made fast fortunes on fads such as the Hula Hoop and the Frisbee. These stores illustrate that the dream of quick money isn't such a ridiculous dream after all. Read these tales about hares who have won and when you have, maybe you'll decide to run with them.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing details
  3. About the author
    1. Also by Max Gunther
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. Editor’s Note
    1. Become a happy hare
  6. 1. Shiny Dimes and the Slow-Money Ethic
  7. 2. Some Grand Old Legends
    1. The great merchandiser
    2. The man who sold holes
    3. The man who passed “go”
    4. The lady who rode the wind
    5. The pantsmaker
  8. 3. Two Well-Traveled Routes
    1. Where the fortunes grow
  9. 4. The Fantasy Land of Franchising
    1. The lady who won by losing
    2. The man who won by losing
    3. Selling to the sellers
  10. 5. The Second-Man Effect
    1. Get-Up-And-Go, Ltd.
  11. 6. Fast Frolics in the Fun and Fad Markets
    1. The men from Wham-O
    2. Mr. Gentry’s terrible-tasting cereal
    3. The downhill riser
  12. 7. Right Place, Right Time
    1. The well-sited airport
    2. The well-timed wheels
    3. The service everybody needed
  13. 8. The Business of Show Business
    1. Scoring in the athlete market
    2. High notes in the music business
  14. 9. A Simple Idea is Enough
    1. If it doesn’t fit, cut a hole in it
    2. If it’s cumbersome, fold it
  15. 10. Not by Bread Alone
    1. A lobsterman in Maine
    2. A groceryman in Utah
  16. 11. The Man Who Decided to be Rich
    1. From nowhere to almost everywhere in three years
    2. . . . And how it’s done
  17. 12. The International Ploy
    1. How to make old ideas new
  18. 13. The Speeders
    1. The great borrower ascendant
    2. The great borrower down a peg
    3. The nose-thumber ascendant
    4. The nose-thumber down a peg
  19. 14. Missing from the Curriculum
    1. The car-lover
  20. 15. The Anti-Salary Philosophy
    1. A club for future millionaires
  21. 16. Instant Successes Yet To Be
    1. Fourteen fast fortunes of the future
  22. 17. Route Maps
  23. Other titles by Max Gunther