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Instant RubyMotion App Development

Book Description

A jump start to quickly learn how to program iOS applications with the elegance and simplicity of Ruby

  • Learn something new in an Instant! A short, fast, focused guide delivering immediate results
  • Learn the structure of iPhone and iPad applications
  • Discover how to simplify iOS apps with Ruby
  • Get to grips with how to leverage Ruby libraries to quickly and efficiently write apps!

In Detail

Countless companies are turning towards RubyMotion to now write these amazing applications with tests, clarity, reusability, and simplicity! Begin writing your own iPhone/iPad application with this amazing programming language and see the benefits for yourself.

Instant RubyMotion App Development will show you how to write your first RubyMotion App and give you a full tour of the process. As you write your first iPhone/iPad application, this book will help you learn the tricks that separate RubyMotion applications from all the others. You’ll join the army of developers who are leading the cutting edge of amazing RubyMotion applications.

Instant RubyMotion App Development begins by giving you a deep rooted understanding of the origins of RubyMotion and Objective-C. By seeing exactly how these two languages have grown together, you can apply this understanding to a strong foundation.

Instant RubyMotion App Development then guides you through a step-by-step, test-driven development of your first application. You’ll learn the Cocoa framework and see the underlined workflow of proper RubyMotion development. Lastly, you will learn how to implement the unique characteristics of Ruby libraries in your skeleton application. You’re then guided to explore the other libraries and resources that will aid you in rapid and effective development.