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Instant Vegas 5

Book Description

Nonlinear, or digital, editing permits editors to move film bites around and place them anywhere in the sequence of the film with much greater ease than was ever possible with conventional film editing techniques. Instant Vegas 5 is a PC-platform, nonlinear application distributed by Sony. Carefully detailed screenshots and step-by-step directions illustrate how to use the latest version of the Vegas software in a concise, time-efficient way. Readers learn the rudiments of navigating the application and using it to perform a complete range of tasks, from editing video and audio, to compositing and outputting - including the use of the DVD authoring tool, DVD Architect. This is the fourth book in the new VASST Instant Series produced in cooperation with the Sundance Media Group.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Half Title
  3. Title Page
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Foreword
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Introduction
  10. Hardware, Add-ons, and Installation
    1. What’s in the box?
    2. Boys and their toys
    3. Looking good
    4. Sounding better
    5. Up and running
    6. One-click and you’re done
  11. It’s Vegas, Baby
    1. The nickel tour
    2. Buzzword alert: Events
    3. Toolbar
    4. Time display and time ruler
    5. Track list
    6. Video tracks
    7. Audio tracks
    8. Timeline
    9. Window docking area
    10. Customize your workspace
    11. Save and recall workspaces
    12. Keyboard shortcuts
    13. Adjusting parameters
    14. A note about V5 scripts
    15. I did it my way
    16. General tab
    17. Video tab
    18. Audio tab
    19. Audio Device
  12. Getting the Good Stuff In
    1. Off to workflow we go
    2. Project file notes
    3. New project and properties
    4. Open, close, save, save as
    5. To Media Pool or not to Media Pool
    6. Import media
    7. Capturing video workflow
    8. Logging
    9. Get the Hookup
    10. Basic capture
    11. Advanced capture
    12. Extract Audio from CD
    13. Get Media from the Web
    14. Adding third-party material
    15. The future of capture
  13. Slicing, Dicing, and Cooking Creative
    1. Adding tracks and media to the Timeline
    2. Right Click Add Media Options
    3. Moving events
    4. Timeline Trimming and Splitting
    5. Event Envelopes
    6. Video
    7. Audio
    8. Transitions
    9. Vegas 5 Transition Envelopes
    10. Slip trim events
    11. Ripple editing
    12. Shuffle events
    13. Time Selections
    14. Markers and Regions
  14. More Editing Wizardry
    1. Effects (FX)
    2. Video effects
    3. Audio effects
    4. Using FX presets
    5. Vegas automation
    6. Video automation
    7. Audio automation
    8. Picture-In-Picture effects
    9. Adding motion to stills
    10. Superimposing, levels, opacity
    11. Composite modes
    12. Composite using mattes
    13. Composite using chroma key
    14. Improve playback performance
  15. Titling Tools and Video Vexations
    1. Basic titles
    2. Flashy titles
    3. Stay title safe
    4. Add text one letter or line at a time
    5. Gently animate the text
    6. Roll the credits
    7. The Star Wars look
    8. Make a title transparent
    9. Fill a title with moving video
    10. Create a lower-third graphic in Vegas
    11. Create a lower-third graphic in Movie Studio
    12. Add a “bug”
    13. Using video scopes (wavefrom/vectorscope)
    14. Adjust brightness and contrast
    15. Simple color correction
    16. Reducing video noise
    17. Fixing blurry video
    18. Advanced color correction
    19. Using three-wheel color correction
    20. Using secondary color correction
  16. Sound Off!
    1. Sound messages
    2. Prepare to record
    3. Record multiple takes
    4. Cleaing up production dialog
    5. Eliminating noise
    6. Mangle sounds in unique ways
    7. Busing in Vegas
    8. 5.1 surround sound
    9. Authoring and Burning CDs
    10. Integration with Sound Forge
    11. Audio for video secrets
  17. A potpourri of stylin’ FX
    1. Fast, slow, reverse, strobe, and ghost
    2. Black and white / old film looks
    3. Night vision and turn day into night
    4. Unique color and shape effects
    5. Borders, widescreen, and letterboxing
    6. Add pizzazz to titles
    7. Cookie Cutter Cool
    8. The Cops effect
    9. Extremely quick slideshow production
    10. Export a still from the Timeline
    11. Vegas Bézier masking
    12. Freeze frame foreground / changing backgound
    13. Adding motion blur
    14. 3D transitions
    15. 3D track motion
    16. 3-D composites
  18. Show your stuff
    1. External preview
    2. Why render?
    3. Print to tape (PTT)
    4. Render to a DV file on the hard drive
    5. Render to VCD (MPEG-1)
    6. MPEG-2 encoding tips
    7. Render to DVD (MPEG-2)
    8. Render DVD video and AC-3 audo separtely
    9. Render for Web streaming
    10. Render Audio only
    11. Using the Vegas Batch Render Script
    12. Archiving projects
    13. Archiving format
  19. Final Word