Weakest Link in the Chain


Tom Harrison was a young man from a humble family background. He lived with his mother and his two younger siblings in a two-bedroom apartment in the inner city. His mother was a fruit vendor in the nearby market. She did her best to care for her children, but it was difficult, even more so since her husband had died. Tom carried a greater burden as the oldest son, and he wanted to help his mother and his siblings afford a better standard of life. Tom graduated from high school but found it difficult to get a job. After months of sending out applications and not getting positive responses, he finally got a small break when a friend managed to get him a temporary job working in the Registry Department of Mutual General Insurance Company Limited sorting mail and registering incoming packages. It was not his dream job, but it was a paycheck for the time being. Tom worked enthusiastically and was always eager to help others, going the extra mile wherever he could. He tried to excel, and his supervisor was impressed at his eagerness to learn the system; she encouraged him as a young man trying to improve his prospects. His coworkers liked him, and he was fortunate to have his former school friend, Jane Burns, there to guide him.

Jane secretly had a crush on Tom throughout high school and was always there to help him in whatever way she could. ...

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