The Danger of Trusting Too Much


Henry Olson — Hank, as he was known in the office — was originally assigned to work at Blizzard Insurance through a temp agency to help out during a busy time. Hank worked hard and had a positive attitude, and he seemed to like the work. When a position in the claims department at Blizzard opened up 18 months later, Hank applied for it and was hired. He kept several pictures of his wife and kids on his desk and seemed to be a dedicated family man. When having lunch with coworkers, he spoke of weekend visits to the soccer field or baseball diamond to watch his children play and of the importance of family. Oddly, Hank became quiet when the conversation turned to former jobs. He chastised those who lived in the past and would often say, “The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades!”

Blizzard Insurance had claim offices in many cities, including one in Hank's adopted hometown. With excellent brand recognition and superior customer service, Blizzard was the first choice of many consumers.

I wanted to work for a successful company and Blizzard fit the bill. I was asked to lead the team of ten that monitored payments issued by our claims employees. Given the volume of payments, the enormity of the process was a little overwhelming at first. Fortunately, my team was up to the challenge. The staff members got along well, and everyone readily shared ...

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