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Integrating an HP ProCurve and Cisco Network Including ProCurve Management Fundamentals: Module 1

Video Description

This course is designed to prepare both HP ProCurve and Cisco network engineers, for the integration, configuration, management, and interoperability of an interconnected HP ProCurve and Cisco network.

This course is designed for HP ProCurve and/or Cisco systems engineers, network engineers, and network specialists who design, deploy and manage interoperable HP ProCurve and Cisco networks. For students planning to sit Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE) courses, this training will provide an excellent foundation in preparation for the exams

Module 1 Topics Include:

Configuring and Managing ProCurve Switches

  • Configuring the Switch for System Management

  • Navigating the ProCurve CLI

  • Managing ProCurve Switches with the Menu and Web Interfaces

  • Configuring Switch Modules and Ports

  • Managing System Software

  • Updating Switch Software

  • Managing and Backing up Configuration Files

  • Secure ProCurve Switch Management

  • Securing Local Management Access

  • Securing Remote Management Access

  • Securing Physical Switch Access

  • Troubleshooting ProCurve Switches

  • System events

  • Connectivity and Topology

  • Network Traffic

  • System Hardware