Chapter 9. Setting up an iSeries server as the Backup Recovery and Media Services Application Client 299
iv. You see the Detailed Message Information window (Figure 9-55). Review the
information and click OK.
Figure 9-55 Details for Message CPC370D
Regardless of the method you use to verify your save, you see similar information. Our
backup for IFS path TSMAIXCLIENT with all subdirectories and files using backup policy
Saveifsp with BRMS iSeries Navigator client was successful. Keep in mind that the View
backup history method provides additional details.
Later, in 9.4.2, “Using BRMS iSeries Navigator client” on page 304, you see how to restore
parts of IFS path TSMAIXCLIENT from our IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server using this
backup, created with the Saveifsp backup policy.
9.4 Restore scenario example: Restoring from an IBM Tivoli
Storage Manager server
It is important to understand that restoring data saved using the BRMS Application Client
(AS02 in our examples) to an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server (AS27 in our examples) can
be done only through BRMS, not using IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. As in the save scenario
examples, this section shows two different ways to perform the restore:
򐂰 Using the 5250 interface
򐂰 Using the BRMS iSeries Navigator client interface
300 Integrating Backup Recovery and Media Services and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
9.4.1 Using 5250 interface
Prior to reading this section, you must have done a backup for user library ITSMLIB to IBM
Tivoli Storage Manager server, using the backup control group TESTSAVE as described in
9.3.1, “Using the 5250 interface” on page 277. You must also have restores library ITSMLIB to
AS02 from IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server on AS27, because library ITSMLIB was
deleted but now must be used again on AS02.
We do the restore by using BRMS. There are several different ways using BRMS to perform
this restore. We prefer to use the Work with Media Information (WRKMEDIBRM) command.
To restore library ITSMLIB from the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server on AS27 to system
AS02 perform following steps:
1. On AS02, enter the following command:
2. This opens the Work with Media Information display (Figure 9-56). Position the cursor to
the most recent entry for ITSMLIB (September 9 at 18:01 in our example). Validate that
this newest entry has the following values:
Save Type is *FULL. All objects in library ITSMLIB were backed up successfully.
Volume Serial is *ADSM. The backup was to an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager server
and saved, which means that it was a successful backup of ITSMLIB.
Enter option 7 (Restore) next to this IBM Tivoli Storage Manager entry. Press Enter.
Figure 9-56 Work with Media Information display for ITSMLIB
Note: We specify option 7 (Restore), because we want to restore the entire contents of
library ITSMLIB. Option 9 (Work with saved objects) allows you to select specific
objects of the saved ITSMLIB library to be restored.
Work with Media Information AS02
Position to Date.. . . .
Type options, press Enter.
2=Change 4=Remove 5=Display 6=Work with media 7=Restore
9=Work with saved objects
Saved Save Volume File Expiration
Opt Item Date Time Type Serial Sequence Date
ITSMLIB 9/02/03 17:19:43 *FULL *ADSM 0 10/07/03
ITSMLIB 9/02/03 17:54:29 *FULL *ADSM 0 10/07/03
ITSMLIB 9/02/03 19:12:45 *FULL *ADSM 0 10/07/03
ITSMLIB 9/03/03 19:56:09 *FULL *ADSM 0 10/08/03
ITSMLIB 9/04/03 19:54:10 *FULL *ADSM 0 10/09/03
ITSMLIB 9/05/03 12:37:26 *FULL *ADSM 0 10/10/03
ITSMLIB 9/05/03 19:57:21 *FULL *ADSM 0 10/10/03
ITSMLIB 9/08/03 19:41:58 *FULL *ADSM 0 10/13/03
ITSMLIB 9/09/03 10:09:00 *FULL *ADSM 0 10/14/03
7_ ITSMLIB 9/09/03 18:01:02 *FULL *ADSM 0 10/14/03

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