Chapter 10. Backup Recovery and Media Services movement of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager media 343
Figure 10-7 shows the Work with Media using BRM (WRKMEDBRM) status of the BRMS
tapes before you run the STRMNTTSM command. Here we can see the two tapes LB0702
(copytape) and LB0705 (database backup) in location TAPMLB05 (these are the tapes to be
moved off site). Notice that the empty tapes, LB0379 and LB0714 (copytapes), are in the
TSMOFFSITE location and are not yet expired in BRMS. These tapes expire when you run
the STRMNTTSM command.
Figure 10-7 Work with Media display before running the STRMNTTSM command
10.4 Running the STRMNTTSM command
In this example, we move any IBM Tivoli Storage Manager database backups or copypool
tapes off site and return any expired volumes on site. Figure 10-8 shows the available
parameters of the STRMNTTSM command.
Figure 10-8 STRMNTTSM display
You must run the command in batch. You can schedule it using the OS/400 job scheduler or
submit it manually using the OS/400 Submit Job (SBMJOB) command.
Work With Media
System: AS27
Position to . . . . . Starting characters
Type options, press Enter.
1=Add 2=Change 4=Remove 5=Display 6=Work with serial set 7=Expire
8=Move 10=Reinitialize ...
Volume Creation Expiration Move Media Dup
Opt Serial Expired Date Date Location Date Class Sts
LB0379 09/02/03 *PERM TSMOFFSITE 09/04/03 ITSMLTO2
LB0702 09/05/03 *PERM TAPMLB05 09/03/03 ITSMLTO2
LB0705 09/05/03 *PERM TAPMLB05 09/03/03 ITSMLTO2
LB0714 08/31/03 *PERM TSMOFFSITE 09/04/03 ITSMLTO2
067ACE 08/27/03 *PERM TAPMLB05 08/25/03 ITSMLTO2
078ACE *YES 09/03/03 11/11/94 TAPMLB05 09/04/03 ITSMLTO2
Parameters or command:
F3=Exit F4=Prompt F5=Refresh F11=Volume system F12=Cancel F17=Top
F18=Bottom F23=More options
Start Maintenance for ITSM (STRMNTTSM)
Type choices, press Enter.
ITSM Database Tapes to Offsite *YES *YES, *NO
ITSM Copypool Tapes to Offsite *YES *YES, *NO
ITSM Expired Tapes to Onsite . *YES *YES, *NO
ITSM Database Device Class . . . ____________ Character value
ITSM Copy Storage Pool Name . . ______________________________
BRMS Move Policy for ITSM . . . TSMOFFSITE Character value
Run MOVMEDBRM for ITSM tapes . . *YES *YES, *NO
344 Integrating Backup Recovery and Media Services and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
We use ITSMLTO2 for the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager device class for the database
backups, COPYLTO for our copy storage pool name, and TSMOFFSITE for the BRMS move
policy name. You normally replace these values with your own definitions. We submit the
STRMNTTSM command using the following OS/400 SBMJOB command:
If you select to run the BRMS MOVMEDBRM from the STRMNTTSM command, then a
BRMS volume movement report is produced. The report shown in Figure 10-9 was generated
when we submitted the STRMNTTSM command. This report details the media movement
within BRMS. Here you can see the database (LB0705) and copytape (LB0702) volumes
moving from TAPMLB05 to TSMOFFSITE. You can also see the two empty copytape volumes
(LB0379 and LB0714) returning to TAPMLB05 from TSMOFFSITE.
Figure 10-9 MOVMEDBRM report created by the STRMNTTSM command
In 10.2, “Configuring BRMS for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager media movement” on page 339,
we defined the BRMS move policy to verify any tape movements before updating the BRMS
media information. To confirm our tape movements, we enter the BRMS VFYMOVBRM
command on an OS/400 command line. Then you see the Verify Media Moves display
(Figure 10-10). In this example, we typed 1 next to the media being moved to the off-site
location TSMOFFSITE. Then we pressed Enter to verify the move.
The two tapes returning to the TAPMLB05 location (as shown in Figure 10-10)
must be
physically placed inside the tape library before their move can be verified.
5722BR1 V5R2M0 020906 Volume Movement Report
Volume Volume Expiration Media Pend Current Move Next
Serial Slot Date Class Vfy Location Date Location
LB0379 11/11/94 ITSMLTO2 Y TSMOFFSITE 9/05/03 TAPMLB05
LB0714 11/11/94 ITSMLTO2 Y TSMOFFSITE 9/05/03 TAPMLB05
Total volumes moved . . . . . . . . . . : 4
Total volumes not moved . . . . . . . . : 0
Attention: Depending on the setting of the BRMS QA1PRM data area, media may be
ejected when you enter either the MOVMEDBRM or VFYMOVBRM commands. See 4.1.5
“Moving media” in Backup Recovery and Media Services for OS/400: A Practical
Approach, SG24-4840, for details about BRMS media movement. Or refer to Informational
Authorized Program Analysis Records (APAR) II09882 by searching for it on the Web at:$$Search?openform

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