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Integrating Elasticsearch with PHP and Laravel

Video Description

Integrate ElasticSearch with Laravel from the ground up using open source PHP libraries and Laravel Packages

About This Video

  • Learn ElasticSearch fundamentals and PHP libraries

  • Integrate ElasticSearch with a PHP/Laravel web application.

  • Build real features and gain the knowledge required to solve real problems.

  • In Detail

    Integrating ElasticSearch with PHP and Laravel will help you to achieve precisely what this video's title suggests. This video series will walk you through everything required to integrate ElasticSearch with your PHP/Laravel web application. The sections in the course will build from the ground up, starting with setting up your development environment all the way through to creating a functional application.

    First you'll set up your dev environment using Laravel Homestead, which provides a pre-packaged vagrant environment in which we'll install ElasticSearch and set up our Laravel PHP application. Using this environment, we'll work up from the fundamentals of ElasticSearch through to using PHP libraries and Laravel packages to write our own ElasticSearch driver for Laravel Scout, all the while building a functional Laravel web application.

    This video series will not only leave you with the skills required to build functional ElasticSearch integration in your PHP/Laravel web application, it will also give you the knowledge required to extend this integration and solve real problems with real-world applications.