Chapter 4. IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler Distributed implementation 79
4.2 Prerequisites
Before any discussion of the solution, prerequisites must be identified for
integrating IBM DB2 Content Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms Version 7.1
(OnDemand) and Tivoli Workload Scheduler Version 8.2.
The integration referred by this redbook assumes that the IBM DB2 Content
Manager OnDemand for Multiplatforms Version 7.1 (OnDemand), DB2 Universal
Database™ Enterprise Edition Version 7 (DB2 is included with OnDemand) and
Tivoli Workload Scheduler Version 8.2 are installed, configured, have the latest
maintenance patches, and are working correctly.
Figure 4-1 on page 80 shows our lab environment for the ITWS/OnDemand
integration solution.
Important: The scripts that were written for this solution are included in
Appendix A, “Scripts used in the solution” on page 177. You can also
download the scripts from For instructions on
downloading the scripts, refer to Appendix C, “Additional material” on
page 243. You can find the flowcharts of these scripts in Appendix B,
“Flowcharts” on page 213.
Because of the many possible options for shell or programming languages
that can be used to create and run scripts on Windows systems, and the fact
that they do not exist by default on all of them, applying the solution to
Windows systems will require that the UNIX scripts and their logic be
duplicated or converted for the Windows environment using a shell or
programming language applicable to your needs. The concepts explained in
this redbook can be applied to Windows systems once these scripts have
been converted.

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