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Chapter 4. Integrating with OPC
Automation extension of
System Automation
This chapter describes the scenario that we used to demonstrate the integration
of Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS (TWS for z/OS) with Tivoli System
Automation for z/OS. TWS for z/OS uses the OPC Automation extension to
integrate with System Automation for z/OS. The scenario used in this chapter is
set up on a single z/OS system. This system runs both the TWS for z/OS
controller and System Automation with the OPC Automation extension. This
system is part of a Parallel Sysplex although none of the Parallel Sysplex
functions are used.
This chapter includes detailed information about the configuration that we used,
a step-by-step description of how TWS for z/OS and System Automation for
z/OS communicate with each other through the OPC Automation extension, and
a step-by-step discussion of the implementation of the interface.
Note: This chapter does not cover the use of the System Automation z/OS
OPC dialog.

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