Pool and farm settings in Horizon

We have to configure a 3D farm like a normal farm in Horizon:

  1. Configure this pool in the same way as we used to configure the pool in Horizon, until we reach the Desktop Pool Settings section.
  2. Scroll to the Remote Display Protocol section in the Add Desktop Pool window.
  3. We have to choose between two of the following options in the 3D Renderer option:
    1. Choose either Hardware or Automatic for vSGA
    2. Choose Hardware for vDGA or MxGPU
  1. Set the default display protocol to PCoIP in the Desktop Pool settings and allow users to decide to choose No in the dropdown with 3D Renderer to NVIDIA GRID VGPU.
  2. To enable the NVIDIA vGPU, enable vGPU support for a virtual machine:
  1. Power down the virtual machine.
  2. Click on ...

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