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IntelliJ IDEA Tricks to Boost Productivity for Java Devs

Video Description

Fast Coding Tricks of IntelliJ IDEA that Every Java Developer Should Know. Instant Productivity Boost Tutorial.

About This Video

  • James will offer the open book technique with no off the cuff tricks. He will expose all the tricks and secrets.

  • He is innovative enough to learn more every day for your advantage, and those are being added to the course. Soon you will start gaining the latent potential for free!

  • In Detail

    How to become a real pro Java programmer:If you want to become a real pro Java programmer, you need to master your keyboard and IntelliJ IDEA. You need to be able to navigate freely in your code base, find and modify code instantly. You need to know how to quickly select texts without using drag & drop. You need to be able to reformat and refactor any piece of code in a second.Faster Java programmers barely use the mouse but do pretty much everything with keyboard. They use shortcuts and some secret tricks to generate more code with less typing in less time. This course is to reveal all those little-known tricks which can instantly boost your productivity with IntelliJ IDEA. In the end of this course, you will be able to write the same code in half the time or even less and generate perfectly formatted and well-organized code without effort.

    Table of Contents

    1. Chapter 1 : Introduction to the Course
      1. Introduction Lecture 00:02:35
    2. Chapter 2 : Text Navigation
      1. Text Navigation I 00:02:16
      2. Text Navigation II 00:01:53
    3. Chapter 3 : Editing and Working With Code
      1. Camel Hump 00:00:56
      2. Move Lines and Statement 00:02:54
      3. Duplicate and Delete Line 00:01:27
      4. View Parameter Information 00:01:46
      5. Commenting and Block Commenting Code 00:02:15
      6. Folding and Expanding Code 00:02:06
    4. Chapter 4 : Code Navigation
      1. Navigating to Class by Partial Match, Camel Humps and Wildcard Search 00:02:52
      2. Navigating to Symbols 00:02:14
      3. Navigating to File 00:03:08
      4. Navigating to Action 00:03:51
      5. Search Everywhere 00:01:28
      6. Tabs, the No. 1 Productivity Killer 00:03:04
    5. Chapter 5 : Code Selection
      1. Selecting Characters, Words and Lines 00:02:40
      2. Extending and Shrinking Selection 00:03:00
    6. Chapter 6 : Code Completion
      1. Smart Code Completion I 00:02:56
      2. Smart Code Completion II 00:02:29
      3. Static Method Completion 00:01:59
      4. Postfix Completion 00:04:05
    7. Chapter 7 : Code Generation
      1. Generating Constructor, getter, setter, equals and hashCode Methods 00:02:33
      2. Generating Stub test, setUp and tearDown Methods.mov 00:01:58
    8. Chapter 8 : Version Control
      1. Committing Changes, Diff View, Reverting Changes, Before-Commit Operations 00:03:12
      2. VCS Operations Popup, Searching for Branches, Annotation 00:03:27
    9. Chapter 9 : Code Style
      1. Reformat 00:03:00
      2. Optimize Imports 00:03:20
      3. Navigating to Compilation Error 00:03:18
    10. Chapter 10 : Bonus Tricks
      1. Language Injection 00:02:31
    11. Chapter 11 : Conclusion
      1. Finish Up 00:10:02