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Interact and Engage!: 50+ Activities for Virtual Training, Meetings, and Webinars

Book Description

Convince your online participants to tune in—and get them to interact and engage. Virtual classroom training is here to stay, and web and video conferencing is close to ubiquitous. Interact and Engage! offers proven strategies for captivating your live online audience. With more than 50 activities ranging from openers and icebreakers to closers, instructional design experts Kassy LaBorie and Tom Stone present a framework for igniting online training programs, meetings, and webinars. Engaging online audiences can be difficult. This is true for novice instructional designers and facilitators—and for experienced ones. Learn how to break the mold of static lecture-style online training that drives participants to multitask or, worse, tune out. LaBorie and Stone cover all the steps necessary to remedy poor online training experiences and ensure that what you teach sticks. In this book you will: •Explore the popular delivery platforms (Adobe Connect and WebEx Training Center) inside and out, backwards and forwards, and upside down. •Discover how to start events off right and bring them to a fitting end, while achieving the event’s goals in the middle. •Delve into what facilitators and producers need to do before, during, and after an activity.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. Foreword
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. Introduction
  8. 1 Required for Engagement: Knowing the Live Online Platform
    1. What Is the Goal, and Who Is the Audience?
    2. TOPP Competencies for Live Online Producers
    3. See What the Participants See
    4. A Note About Audio: Using Phone or Using Computer
    5. Adobe Connect: Critical Features
    6. WebEx Training Center: Critical Features
    7. Checklist for Other Live Online Platforms
    8. Conclusion
  9. 2 Have Them at Hello: Warm-Ups and Welcomes
    1. Take a Tour
    2. Trivia
    3. Pumpkin Carving
    4. Vacation Plans
    5. Inquiring Minds Want To Know
    6. Sign In
    7. Brain Teasers
    8. Mazes and Word Searches
    9. Conclusion
  10. 3 Let’s Do This: Breaking the Ice
    1. Around the World via Recipes
    2. Open Up
    3. How Many Can You Name?
    4. Time Perspectives
    5. Technology Two-Step
    6. Three of Anything
    7. Story Time
    8. What’s Your Band Name?
    9. Icebreaker Bingo!
    10. First-Name Acronym
    11. Conclusion
  11. 4 Get Active: Engaging Virtual Meetings
    1. Great Virtual Teams
    2. Recognize and Celebrate
    3. The Collaborative Agenda
    4. What Can We Learn?
    5. Person of the Day
    6. Pros and Cons
    7. Prioritize
    8. Meet Your Goals
    9. Mime It
    10. Conclusion
  12. 5 Perform on the Virtual Stage: Engaging Webinars
    1. Finish This Sentence
    2. How Things Change
    3. In One Word
    4. Conversation Starters
    5. Rewrite These (Version 1)
    6. Rewrite These (Version 2)
    7. General Tips on Running Consistently Outstanding Webinars
    8. Conclusion
  13. 6 Lessen the Lecture: Engaging Virtual Training
    1. TOPP Competencies for Live Online Trainers
    2. One Word
    3. Remember This?
    4. It’s All About That Voice
    5. Do You Remember the Details?
    6. Strategy Alignment
    7. Bingo! (for Training)
    8. Website Scavenger Hunt
    9. Make the Connections
    10. Recognizing Diversity
    11. Enjoy the View!
    12. Virtual Training as Social Learning
    13. Conclusion
  14. 7 Leave a Lasting Impression: Close With Impact
    1. Questions in the Jar
    2. A Geometric Close
    3. Word Search: Explain Yourself
    4. A Call to Action
    5. A Commitment Makes an Impact
    6. Birds Flock Together
    7. Conclusion
  15. 8 Gather Together: Celebrations and Parties
    1. Happy Holidays!
    2. Bon Voyage! Farewell Card
    3. Bon Voyage! We’ll Miss You
    4. Bon Voyage! Curtain Call
    5. Step-by-Step Guide to a Surprise Virtual Baby Shower
    6. Concentration
    7. What the Heck Is It?
    8. Celebrity Name Game
    9. The ABCs of Baby
    10. Continuing the Step-by-Step Guide to a Surprise Virtual Baby Shower
    11. Conclusion
  16. 9 The Next Level: Advanced Features and Fine-Tuning
    1. Webcams
    2. Multimedia
    3. Breakouts
    4. Conclusion
  17. 10 Take Charge: Create Your Own Activities
    1. Create Your Own Activities
  18. Photo Credits
  19. About the Authors
  20. About Dale Carnegie Training