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Interactive Data Viz: Powering Effective Decisions

Video Description

As data becomes bigger and more complex, there are mountains of information inside every organization. But how can data and analytics be made available and actionable so companies can unlock their value? In this HBR webinar, David Kasik will share insights on how to unleash the power of analytics and data visualization across an entire organization to make better decisions and create better products and services. In particular, he will focus on how Boeing has leveraged analytics and visualization to create value. Kasik—a senior technical fellow in visualization and interactive techniques—is a pioneer in the use of visual analytics to help extract more information from complex data. He describes how big data is being turned into a powerful tool for innovation at Boeing, and discusses how companies can move advanced technology into practice. Kasik also discusses the value of cloud-powered analytics, illustrates how companies can pair subject matter experts with technology/tool specialists, and pays special attention to organizations with large datasets.