Chapter 3

1 Daniel Pink, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us (Riverhead Trade, 2009).

Chapter 4

1 Mahtab Rezai, Twitter, 2009.

2 We have to give Gary Clark credit for this valuable principle. It’s served us well.

Chapter 7

1 New Riders, 2010

2 This section is adapted from a blog post by our colleague, Michael Koppelman,

3 New Riders, 2009

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5 Adapted from a diagram published in Boehm, Barry et al., “Cost Models for Future Software Life Cycle Processes: COCOMO 2.0,” Annals of Software Engineering 1 (1995): 57-94.

Chapter 8

1 This diagram is adapted from Barry Boehm’s findings published in Software Engineering Economics (Prentice ...

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