Fauchon, Paris

Christian Biecher

Location: Paris, France

Principal use: Grocery shop, restaurant, wine cellar, bakery/café

Client: Fauchon SAS

Floor area: 1,600m2 (12,917ft2)

Design period: 2006 – 2007 (Bakery: spring to September 2007)

Construction period: August 2008 – Spring 2009

Budget: €3,000 per m2 (Bakery €4,000 per m2)

When I first interviewed Christian Biecher in 2000, he told me “My goals are to create spaces and shapes which please the people as much as they please me. In being pleased and surprised I hope to affect their lives for five minutes or more and share with them a vision of the world that is founded on hope and confidence more than fear and reminiscence.” Biecher is a self-declared enemy of nostalgia and his prescient ...

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