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International Trade: Free, Fair and Open?

Book Description

Part of the OECD Insights series, this book argues that prosperity has rarely, if ever, been achieved or sustained without trade. Trade alone, however, is not enough; policies targeting employment, education, health and other issues are also needed to promote well-being and tackle the challenges of a globalised economy.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Foreword
  3. 1. Introduction
    1. By way of introduction…
    2. Who sets the rules?
    3. What this book is about…
  4. 2. Growing Grapes in Scotland
    1. By way of introduction…
    2. A helping hand?
    3. Rise and fall and rise again
    4. Conclusion
  5. 3. The State of World Trade
    1. By way of introduction…
    2. Agriculture and food
    3. Other primary materials
    4. Manufactured products and components
    5. Agglomeration effects and global value chains
    6. Trade in services
    7. The new trading nations
    8. Conclusion
  6. 4. Protectionism? Tariffs and Other Barriers to Trade
    1. By way of introduction…
    2. Tariff barriers
    3. Non-tariff barriers
    4. Making trade policy
    5. Conclusion
  7. 5. Trade Rounds and the World Trade Organization
    1. By way of introduction …
    2. From the ITO to the WTO
    3. Developing countries in the multilateral trading system
    4. Negotiating in the WTO
    5. Dispute settlement
    6. The scope of the multilateral system
    7. The Doha Round
    8. Regional trade agreements
    9. Conclusion
  8. 6. Trade and Employment
    1. By way of introduction…
    2. Moving jobs around
    3. Trends in employment and job security
    4. Trends in earnings
    5. How do international trade and investment affect OECD labour markets?
    6. Conclusion
  9. 7. Trade and the Environment
    1. By way of introduction…
    2. How are trade and environment linked?
    3. Trade restrictions and the environment
    4. The environment and competitiveness
    5. The environment in international trade agreements
    6. Conclusion
  10. 8. Trade and Development
    1. By way of introduction…
    2. North-South or South-South trade: what matters for growth and development?
    3. South-South goods trade
    4. South-South services trade
    5. Trade and poverty
    6. Inequality
    7. Conclusion
  11. 9. Trade and Growth
    1. By way of introduction…
    2. Trade and the sources of economic growth
    3. Does it have to be high-tech?
    4. Trade and investment
    5. Trade and RaD
    6. Spillovers
    7. FDI, vertical specialisation and outsourcing
    8. Conclusion
  12. 10. Trade and Innovation
    1. By way of introduction…
    2. The four types of innovation
    3. Technology transfer and diffusion of innovation
    4. Trade in technology through licensing
    5. Trade affects innovation through competition
    6. Global value chains
    7. Conclusion
  13. 11. What’s in It for Me?
    1. By way of introduction …
    2. Making things
    3. Selling things
    4. Buying things
    5. By way of conclusion
  14. References