Appendix A. Source Code

All the source code for the practices and projects included in the book can be downloaded from the book’s web site at

In order to run the code, readers need:

  1. A computer with a soundcard and a webcam. The webcam is needed only if readers want to use video transmission/reception features in the soft-phone.

  2. The Java Standard Platform (JSE), version 1.4 or later, installed in their computer. The Java platform can be freely downloaded at

  3. The JAIN SIP and JAIN SDP libraries. See Section A.1.

  4. The JMF libraries. See Section A.2.

  5. The code of the book’s practices and projects. See Section A.3.

A.1 Obtaining the JAIN SIP and JAIN SDP Libraries

The NIST implementation ...

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