Step 5 – Assembling the DC motor plate

The DC motor plate is at the back of T.A.R.A.S and houses the DC motor driver that moves the wheels. The DC Barrel Jack and tail light LEDs also sit on the DC motor plate. We will start this step by creating the tail light LEDs.

The following photo shows the parts that are needed to make the tail light LEDs:

The following is a list of the parts:

  • A: Red jumper wires (one end must be female)
  • B: Brown jumper wires (one end must be female)
  • C: Red LED
  • D: Green LED
  • E: 330 Ohm resistors
  • F: Heat shrink

The following are the steps to create the LED tail lights:

  1. Solder a 330 Ohm resistor to the anode (longer ...

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