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Internet Security You Can Afford: Using Untangle™ as Your Internet Gateway

Book Description

Discover one of the most efficient, effective, and inexpensive ways to stop Internet threats and protect your organization or home from malware and objectionable content with Internet Security You Can Afford: The Untangle® Internet Gateway. This book by educator and well-known ZDnet technology expert Chris Dawson demonstrates how you can establish Internet security for free, or for very little money , using Untangle® and buying only value-added components that you really need. This book serves as the perfect reference tool for readers who understand end-user IT, hardware, and operating systems, but who have limited experience in network administration. The book's clear presentation guides you through Untangle®'s multi-functional firewall software as an open source, free alternative to today's expensive Internet security appliances and gateways. The book demonstrates how Untangle® can make protection and filtering easy and affordable. The author also helps readers evaluate when security needs extend beyond what Untangle® freeware can offer. No other book available provides the insights on Untangle®. Trust this book's clear presentation and understandable approach to highlight the cost-effective Internet gateway security option that's ideal for your school, non-profit organization, small business, or anyone you know who wants to save money.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Dedication
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. About the Author
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
    1. Chapter 1 Getting a Computer
      1. Why Do I Need to Do Anything Special?
        1. What Exactly Do I Need? (Or How Cheap Can I Be?)
        2. Throughput
        3. Reliability
        4. Efficiency
      2. New, Used, or DIY?
      3. A Basic DIY Setup
      4. Setting Up the Computer
      5. Location and Environmental Issues
    2. Chapter 2 Networking 101
      1. Evaluating Your Network
        1. Introducing the Systems Development Life Cycle
        2. Evaluation: What You Already Have
        3. Evaluation: Requirements
      2. Network Configurations
      3. Network Equipment
      4. Bandwidth and Internet Connections
      5. IP Addresses, TCP/IP, DNS, and DHCP
      6. Proxy Servers
    3. Chapter 3 Downloading and Installing Untangle
      1. Start Downloading and Start Burning
        1. An ISO, BIOS, and Boot Sequence Primer
        2. Yes, Untangle Is an OS
        3. Choosing and Burning the Disk Image
      2. Installation
      3. Eth1? Eth0? What Do I Plug In Where?
      4. Isn’t the DMZ in Korea?
      5. Finishing the Install and Initial Configuration
      6. Running the Software: Basics of the UI
    1. Chapter 4 What’s Happening Inside My Untangle Gateway?
      1. Router Versus Bridge and Other Router-Setup Considerations
      2. The Apps Tab
      3. The Config Tab: Further Setup and Administration
        1. Networking
        2. Administration
        3. Email
        4. Local Directory
        5. Upgrade, System, and System Info
      4. The Underlying Operating System
      5. The Virtual Server Rack: Configuring the Apps
    2. Chapter 5 Network and User Protection Best Practices
      1. DHCP, DNS, and Network Devices
        1. DHCP
        2. DNS
        3. Network Devices/Nodes
      2. Firewall, Ports, Protocols, and Intrusion Prevention
        1. Firewall
        2. Ports and Protocols
        3. Intrusion Prevention
      3. Malware Protection
      4. Email Protection
      5. User Protection and Training
      6. Content Filtering
      7. Use Case Matrix: Recommendations by Environment
    3. Chapter 6 Implementing Networking Best Practices (or Not) with Untangle
      1. Network Configuration Overview
      2. NAT
      3. Pointing Traffic to a Web Server (Port Forwards)
      4. DHCP Configuration
      5. DNS
      6. Bypass Rules
      7. Advanced Configuration
        1. Packet Filtering
        2. QoS
    4. Chapter 7 Implementing Protection Best Practices (or Not) with Untangle (a.k.a. “The Rack”)
      1. The Firewall
      2. The Application Control
      3. The Web Filter
      4. Attack Blocker (Shield) and Intrusion Prevention
      5. Anti-Malware and Email Protection
      6. Critical Features Missing from the Free Package
    5. Chapter 8 User Considerations
      1. Creating Users
        1. Local Directory
        2. Directory Connector
      2. The Captive Portal: User Consent
      3. Bypassing Content Filters and Protections
      4. Enforcing Content Filtering Anytime, Anywhere (VPNs and Proxies)
      5. What Should You Be Filtering?
      6. Event Logging, or Catching Them Being Naughty and What to Do About It
    6. Chapter 9 Advanced Topics
      1. Why Untangle Doesn’t Behave Like an Average Linux Server
      2. Remote Administration and SSH
      3. Enabling the Debian Repositories
      4. Virtualizing Untangle (The Right Way to Run Multiple Services on an Untangle Gateway)
        1. A Virtualization Primer
        2. Typical Virtualization Scenarios with Untangle
        3. Virtual Network Setup
      5. Optimizing Untangle
      6. Advanced Network Architectures with Untangle
        1. VLANs
        2. Multiple Physical Subnets or VLANs and Easy Differentiated Filtering
        3. Dealing with Wireless
      7. Using DynDNS
    1. Chapter 10 Paid Features
      1. Paid Versus Free Features
        1. Virus Blocker Versus Virus Blocker Lite
        2. Web Filter Versus Web Filter Lite
        3. HTTPS Inspector
        4. Spam Blocker Versus Spam Blocker Lite
        5. Application Control Versus Application Control Lite
        6. Bandwidth Control
        7. Web Cache
        8. IPsec VPN Versus OpenVPN
        9. Branding Manager
      2. Unique and Critical (for Some) Paid Applications
        1. Directory Connector and Policy Manager
        2. Load Balancing and Bandwidth Aggregation
      3. High Availability
    2. Chapter 11 Bigger Box? Bigger Network? Or Both?
      1. Can I Just Make a Bigger, Faster Untangle Gateway?
      2. What If I Just Improve My Network Infrastructure?
      3. Virtualization Revisited
      4. When It’s Time to Move to Untangle Hardware, Pay for Support, and Give Your First Box to Your Grandmother
      5. When It’s Time to Look Beyond Untangle
    1. Appendix A Repurposing a Computer
      1. Evaluation
      2. Modification
      3. Installation
    2. Appendix B Building Your Own Computer
      1. Budget Test Machine
      2. Compact Home System
      3. Mid-Range Server
    3. Appendix C Glossary
    4. Appendix D Untangle Appliances
      1. Untangle NG Firewall Appliances
      2. Untangle IC Control
    5. Appendix E Untangle Site Map
    6. Appendix F Applicable Laws and Rules Regarding Content Filtering
      1. CIPA and E-rate
      2. FERPA
      3. HIPAA
      4. Other Regulations
  12. Index