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Interviewing Engineering Graduates

Book Description

hire the best in engineering talent

  • Get ahead in the competitive engineering hiring market

  • Learn to attract top engineering graduates to help your company grow and thrive

  • Packed with tips and examples for every step in the hiring process, including sample questions, assessment guidelines and interview templates

  • In Detail

    A strong engineering team is the backbone of any technical company, and smart managers are always looking to hire top talent. Recruiting and interviewing engineers in a smart way is essential to the growth of your team and your company. In this saturated hiring market, your positions must stand out among the big name companies, and your hiring processes must be rigorous, fair and efficient.

    This comprehensive guide will show you how to hire outstanding technical employees. With its step-by-step instructions and examples, Interviewing Engineering Graduates will take you all the way through the process, from attracting great candidates to making hiring decisions with confidence.

    Hiring engineers is a complex, expensive and crucial process. This book will get you organized quickly and prepare you to make the right decisions every step of the way. First, you’ll see how to market your open jobs effectively through writing amazing job descriptions, and selling your company to top engineers so that you get the best applicants. You’ll then learn to narrow the field by identifying the best resumes. Using our tips, tricks and templates, you can design, plan and prepare thoroughly for smooth running, multi-stage assessments and interviews. Finally, you’ll easily identify which engineers will be top performers for your company, get your whole team involved in the hiring decision, and clinch that final offer!

    Whatever your company and whatever type of engineering job you’re hiring for, with this book you can hire employees with the technical savvy and teamwork skills to help take your organization to the next level.

    About the Author

    Connor Skye Riley is a software engineer specializing in user experience design and frontend web development. She has experience both in conducting technical interviews and in working closely with technical recruiters to develop software products.

    In teaching web development courses, she has counseled students on what to expect from their first technical interviews. With nearly a decade of professional experience at companies ranging from some of the largest in the world to scrappy startups, she has spent considerable time thinking about how and why we recruit engineers the way we do.

    Table of Contents

    1. Interviewing Engineering Graduates
      1. Interviewing Engineering Graduates
      2. Credits
      3. About the Author
      4. About the Reviewer
      5. Preface
        1. What this book covers
        2. Who this book is for
        3. Conventions
        4. Reader feedback
        5. Piracy
      6. 1. The Job Description
        1. A universal job description framework
          1. Start with a concise title
          2. About your company
          3. Who you're looking for
          4. Requirements
          5. What engineers look for in a job description
            1. A clear picture of what you're building
            2. Interesting problems to solve
            3. Your engineering team's culture
            4. A clear idea of who you're looking for
            5. Day-to-day expectations
        2. A note on buzzwords
        3. Writing technical job requirements
        4. Getting the word out
        5. Summary
      7. 2. Recruiting Engineers
        1. Online recruiting
          1. Pitfalls to avoid
          2. Improving your response rate
        2. Networking
          1. Employee referrals
          2. Become part of the community
        3. Evaluating candidates
          1. Reading resumes
          2. Looking beyond the resume
        4. Summary
      8. 3. The Phone Screening
        1. Organizing the phone screening
        2. Introducing your company
        3. A non-technical evaluation
        4. Technical evaluation
        5. Wrapping up
        6. Summary
      9. 4. Code Tests
        1. Writing tests
        2. Administering tests
        3. Grading tests
        4. Summary
      10. 5. In-person Interviews
        1. Organizing the interview
        2. Training interviewers
        3. One-hour interview outline
          1. Introduction
          2. Ask about the candidate's experience
          3. An easy technical question
          4. An in-depth technical question
          5. Sell your company
          6. Interviewee questions and wrap-up
          7. Make your recommendation
        4. Technical interview questions
          1. Quick and easy questions
          2. In-depth technical questions
          3. What not to ask
            1. Trivia questions
            2. Estimation or "impossible" questions
            3. Brain teasers and logic puzzles
        5. Summary
      11. 6. Follow-up, Negotiation, and Closing a Hire
        1. Making hiring decisions
          1. Checking references
          2. Red flags
            1. Personality conflict with a team member
            2. Conflicting stories
            3. Bad-mouthing former employers
        2. Communicating with candidates
          1. Letters of rejection
        3. Employment offers and compensation
          1. Conferences and education expenses
          2. Relocation expenses
          3. Health and wellness benefits
          4. Flexible hours
          5. The personal touch
        4. On boarding new hires
        5. Summary