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Into the Storm

Book Description

The Sydney Hobart Yacht Race is among the most demanding sailing competitions in the world. Unpredictable seas make the 628-nautical-mile course grueling under the best conditions, but the 1998 race proved to be the most perilous to date when a sudden and violent storm struck. Winds gusted over 100 mph and monstrous 80-foot waves towered over boat masts. Six sailors perished and another 55 were saved in what became the largest search and rescue operation in Australia’s history. In the face of turmoil and tragedy, a crew of “amateur” sailors piloted their tiny vessel, the AFR Midnight Rambler, not only to the finish but to overall victory. While bigger, better-equipped yachts attempted to maneuver around the storm, Ed Psaltis and his crew made the daring decision to head directly into its path. Their triumph—perhaps even their survival—owes itself to an extraordinary level of teamwork: an alchemy of cooperation, trust, planning, and execution. Into the Storm chronicles their nearly four-day ordeal and draws parallels to the world of business, revealing 10 critical strategies for teamwork at the edge. Illustrated with examples from the story and compelling case studies, the book sheds light on what teams need to do to succeed in tough times. Finally, Into the Storm provides resources and tools to support teams as they navigate the chaotic seas of business today.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication Page
  5. Contents
  6. Map of the Sydney to Hobart Race
  7. Preface: At The Edge
  8. The Role of the Leader
  9. Part One - The Story of the AFR Midnight Rambler and the Sydney to Hobart Race
    1. 1 - The Everest of Ocean Racing
    2. 2 - The Patriarch of a Sailing Family
    3. 3 - Nuzulu and the Start of a Winning Team
    4. 4 - The Midnight Rambler—A One-Off Boat
    5. 5 - The Ramblers—Run-Up to the Race
    6. 6 - The Aussie Competitors
    7. 7 - Sayonara—The Big Yank Tank
    8. 8 - Uncertain Weather—Buster or Bomb?
    9. 9 - AFR Midnight Rambler—And they’re Away!
    10. 10 - Sayonara—The Best Professional Sailors on the Planet
    11. 11 - AFR Midnight Rambler—Smokin’
    12. 12 - Sayonara—Temporary Humility
    13. 13 - An Ominous Forecast—Storm Warning
    14. 14 - AFR Midnight Rambler—Hard or Squishy?
    15. 15 - VC Offshore Stand Aside—A Twist of Fate
    16. 16 - Rescue from the Sky—Angels on Winches
    17. 17 - AFR Midnight Rambler—Hell on White Water
    18. 18 - AFR Midnight Rambler—Sharing the Helm
    19. 19 - Sword of Orion—Out of Control
    20. 20 - General Mayday—An Official Catastrophe
    21. 21 - AFR Midnight Rambler—Listen to that
    22. 22 - Sayonara—Tack the Boat
    23. 23 - AFR Midnight Rambler—A Commanding Position
    24. 24 - Sayonara—A Thousand Years
    25. 25 - Go the Rambler!
    26. 26 - Wake of the Storm
    27. 27 - Blue Water, Short Ocean—The Ramblers’ Record of Sustained Success
  10. Part Two - Critical Strategies for Teamwork at the Edge
    1. 28 - Introduction to the Strategies
    2. 29 - The Research Challenge
    3. 30 - My Hobart
    4. 31 - Team Unity: Make the Team the Rock Star.
    5. 32 - Prepare, Prepare, Prepare: Remove all Excuses for Failure.
    6. 33 - Balanced Optimism: Find and Focus on the Winning Scenario.
    7. 34 - Relentless Learning: Build a Gung-Ho Culture of Learning and Innovation.
    8. 35 - Calculated Risk: Be Willing to Sail Into the Storm.
    9. 36 - Stay Connected: Cut Through the Noise of the Wind and the Waves.
    10. 37 - Step into the Breach: Find Ways to Share the Helm.
    11. 38 - Eliminate Friction: Step Up to Conflict—and Deal with the Things that Slow you Down.
    12. 39 - Practiced Resilience: Master the Art of Rapid Recovery.
    13. 40 - Tenacious Creativity: Never give Up—there’s Always Another Move.
  11. A Note to the Skipper
  12. The Parts of a Sailboat
  13. Acknowledgments
  14. Notes
  15. Bibliography
  16. Index
  17. About the Authors