Chapter 7 Autodesk® Maya® Shading and Texturing

Shading is the term for applying colors and textures to create materials, also known in the Autodesk® Maya® software as shaders. A shader defines an object’s look—its color, tactile texture, transparency, luminescence, glow, and so forth.

  1. Learning Outcomes: In this chapter, you will be able to
  • Differentiate between different shader types
  • Create and edit shader networks in the Hypershade window
  • Apply shaders and textures to a model
  • Set up UVs on a model for the best texture placement
  • Understand the steps to set up texture images to fit a model’s UV layout
  • Tweak UVs to align texture details
  • Use Maya’s toon shading to create a cartoon look

Maya Shading

When you create any objects, Maya assigns ...

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