Introducing Ionic 2

Video Description

Build a cool, pretty, and fully-featured mobile app in no time using the power of Ionic 2 and Angular 2

About This Video

  • This easily understandable tutorial covers all the building blocks of an Ionic 2 application, from bootstrapping through to cool components to logic services

  • Stylize, optimize, and interact with users through powerful components and become comfortable with the new environment of Angular 2

  • Get step-by-step explanations of code files using a Git repo, along with code improvement tips and real-life examples that make learning a piece of cake

  • In Detail

    Hybrid apps are changing the way people build mobile applications. With Ionic 2, hybrid app developers are gifted with not only a fresh, well-built, and powerful platform, but also a tool to enjoy their development experience. Apps can be built in record time, yet remain visually attractive and contain advanced features.

    Introducing Ionic 2, will help you discover all the building blocks of an Ionic 2 application. You will learn how to use built-in components, make API calls, and style your app to your liking, so prepare yourself for many hours of fun development with Ionic 2.

    We’ll start by bootstrapping an application, enhancing one cool feature at a time. Each feature will cover one of the essential components of an app: user experience, logic and data, and the user interface. By the end of the course, we will have built an entire awesome iTunes Browser app.

    First, you’ll find out how to add pages and navigate between them, including going back and forth. Once new pages are in place, we’ll focus on grabbing real data from an API via AJAX with and without JSONP. With data and views in place, we’ll focus on improving the user experience and using modals, action sheet, alerts, loaders, and even a fully validated form. We also cover a range of various topics including styling, navigation with parameters, and Angular 2 pipes to filter and transform the way data is presented.

    Introducing Ionic 2 will take you on the same journey as if you were building a real application, from scratch to a working product. You’ll soon see how this powerful mobile application framework can make your development fast, structured, and at the same time incredibly enjoyable.

    Product Information

    • Title: Introducing Ionic 2
    • Author(s): Mathieu Chauvinc
    • Release date: January 2016
    • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
    • ISBN: 9781786469144