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Introduction to Apache Phoenix

Video Description

This is a beginner level class for data analysts with RDBMS backgrounds looking to learn more about Big Data NoSQL solutions and the available SQL layers for Big Data. The course begins with a review of the performance characteristics of SQL systems vs. NoSQL systems, so you'll know how to structure data to get maximum performance from NoSQL solutions. It then moves into a detailed tutorial on how to use Apache Phoenix, the easy-to-use SQL "skin" layer for NoSQL HBase.

  • Understand the performance characteristics of relational SQL systems vs. NoSQL systems
  • Explore the use of Apache Phoenix, the SQL "skin" layer for working with NoSQL HBase
  • Learn the fundamentals of HBase, and how to obtain and configure Apache Phoenix
  • Discover why Phoenix interacts with HBase much easier than native HBase tools
  • Learn to create Phoenix tables, load data, and execute queries against that data
  • See how to retrieve data from Phoenix by using a JDBC connection
  • Understand how to structure data to get maximum performance from NoSQL solutions
Tom Hanlon is a professional technical trainer with 15+ years of experience teaching Hadoop, MapReduce, YARN, NoSQL, Big Data, distributed systems, machine learning, SQL, and more. He is a Certified Cloudera Developer for Apache Hadoop; he's held senior level training positions at Cloudera, Hortonworks, and Sun Microsystems; and is the author of the O'Reilly titles Introduction to Apache Hive and Learning Apache Pig.