Introduction to C++ Templates

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Templates are a fundamental feature of modern C++ programming. Designed for the beginner to intermediate level C++ programmer, this course explains why templates are important and how to use them. Expert programmer, Julian Templeman, starts with a description of the concept behind templates and shows you how they solve the problem of writing functions and classes that differ only in their parameter types.

He then demonstrates how you use template functions to create functions that will work with a variety of parameter types and how to use them in code. Then, he shows you how to create and use template classes, parameterized types that are commonly used for containers such as vector and list. The course finishes off with a discussion of how the compiler processes templates and what this means in terms of how code is compiled and linked.

  • Explore the importance and role of templates in C++ programming
  • Understand how to create and use function and class templates
  • Gain the ability to create highly efficient type-safe code
  • Master the techniques required for effective C++11 and C++14 programming
Julian Templeman runs the London UK based consulting company Templeman Consulting. He has worked in software development for 40 years, written code in over 20 languages, and has worked with C++ for over 20 years. A professional consultant, trainer, and writer, Julian has authored multiple programming books and videos, including the O'Reilly title "Practical Scala for Java Developers".

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  • Title: Introduction to C++ Templates
  • Author(s): Julian Templeman
  • Release date: April 2017
  • Publisher(s): Infinite Skills
  • ISBN: 9781491988671