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Introduction to Cloud Native Architecture Patterns

Video Description

In this video course, software architecture veteran Matt Stine describes the history of pattern languages and shows how they help us communicate about software architectures. He introduces a pattern language specifically well suited for cloud architecture–the Brick and Mortar Pattern Language–and examines the three metaphors that influenced its creation: the LEGO® Building System, interchangeable parts, and cellular organic systems.

  • Discover what a pattern language is and its usefulness in designing cloud native architecture
  • Learn about Brick and Mortar Pattern Language
  • Master the underlying metaphors essential to understanding Brick and Mortar patterns

Matt Stine, a 17-year veteran of the enterprise software industry, is the host of "Software Architecture Radio," a podcast where hands-on practitioners discuss modern software patterns and practices. An in-demand conference speaker (SACON, JavaOne, OSCON, YOW!), Matt wrote the O'Reilly title Migrating to Cloud-Native Application Architectures; works as a technical product manager for Cloud Foundry and Spring at Pivotal; and serves as technical editor of NFJS the Magazine.