Introduction to HTML and CSS: Create Your Own Website From Scratch

Video Description

Get started on the basics of creating websites with HTML and CSS. Relying on only the most up-to-date techniques, this video course provides a way for you to quickly begin coding basic websites on your own. 

Key topics to be covered are the foundational concepts behind how the web works and the advantages to coding your own site versus using online templates. Then, you will be introduced to the HTML tags used on the vast majority of sites and learn how to properly structure sites to make them easy to design, easy to maintain, and flexible enough to view on all screens (also known as responsive design). Finally, CSS will be introduced to show you how to create beautiful designs.

Practically everyone can benefit today from having a website, but why limit yourself to the look and feel of using pre-built templates when you can quickly learn how to create your own site from scratch? After watching this video, you will be prepared to begin coding your own websites.

What You Will Learn
  • Get started with the basics of HTML
  • Structure your website
  • Design a stunning website with CSS
  • Lay out your site to maximize the user experience
  • Work with responsive design to cater for all devices

Who This Video Is For

Beginners with a basic understanding of how computers work; those who work in smaller offices or in businesses that are asking fewer people to do more. .

Table of Contents

  1. Overview 00:01:42
  2. The Basics of Web Design 00:04:58
  3. What is the web? 00:04:58
  4. Required Software 00:03:03
  5. HTML Basics 00:04:35
  6. The Core Four Tags 00:02:44
  7. Headings 00:05:48
  8. Paragraphs 00:02:31
  9. Saving and Previewing 00:04:45
  10. Links 00:05:49
  11. External Links 00:04:33
  12. Image Formats 00:06:41
  13. The image Tag 00:02:34
  14. Lists 00:03:00
  15. Special Characters 00:04:21
  16. Structure 00:05:11
  17. Design 00:06:21
  18. Introduction to CSS 00:06:21
  19. Linking to Stylesheets 00:02:52
  20. Colors on the Web 00:05:38
  21. Web Typography 00:05:24
  22. Units of Measurement 00:02:40
  23. Setting Font Size 00:02:15
  24. The Box Model 00:05:36
  25. Borders 00:03:14
  26. Width and Height 00:04:52
  27. Background Colors 00:02:11
  28. Advanced Selectors 00:09:53
  29. Background Images 00:08:11
  30. Layout 00:07:52
  31. Styling Navigation 00:05:56
  32. Creating Buttons 00:07:29
  33. Positioning 00:06:23
  34. Responsive Layout 00:08:16
  35. Conclusion 00:01:11

Product Information

  • Title: Introduction to HTML and CSS: Create Your Own Website From Scratch
  • Author(s): Rob Huddleston
  • Release date: October 2018
  • Publisher(s): Apress
  • ISBN: 9781484239797