Creating the web service

Let's start by adding the required import statements to the top of the Main.groovy file after the package statement:

    package webservice    import java.sql.DriverManager    import groovy.sql.Sql    import io.vertx.core.AbstractVerticle    import io.vertx.core.Future    import io.vertx.core.Vertx    import io.vertx.core.http.HttpMethod

A class that can handle Vert.x events is called a Verticle. By extending the abstract class, AbstractVerticle, provided by the Vert.x framework, we can easily change our class into a Verticle. Take the following line:

    class Main {      ...    }

Change the preceding line to the following:

    class Main extends AbstractVerticle {      ...    }

The most important method of the AbstractVerticle abstract class is called ...

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