Introduction to Marketing

Video Description

This is an introduction course to marketing after which you should be able to begin intelligently promoting your business or the company you work for. After taking this course, you will be far more likely to promote your business effectively, and avoid many potentially costly pitfalls that new marketers or business owners typically make. The lectures cover a wide array of issues and concepts that you will face when you dive into marketing. The course explains what marketing really is, how marketing is different than advertising, how to plan marketing campaigns, and gives overviews of many sub-fields in marketing. Marketing is quite complex these days. So the course goes over the many sub-fields in marketing to simplify things and help you understand the lay of the land when it comes to the bigger picture of things. What kinds of businesses can be promoted using this introduction to marketing course? With the marketing strategies in this course, you can promote any business type. Whether you're starting your own business or are getting into marketing as a career, this course is perfect for you. Let's get started I want you to succeed in promoting your business. So sign up for the course, and begin learning how to promote your business, and grow it. What Will I Learn? Understand the basics of marketing Plan marketing campaigns with more structure Sell more products and make more money via your marketing efforts Create a marketing plan Create basics of a solid marketing strategy Better predict whether a marketing strategy will work or not Avoid pitfalls and common errors Get a solid marketing foundation on which you can build, and eventually grow your business

Table of Contents

  1. Course Introduction
    1. Introduction to Marketing 00:02:09
    2. Course Introduction 00:00:59
    3. Exercise and Checklist 00:04:25
  2. Introduction to Marketing
    1. Economic Roots of Marketing 00:03:11
    2. Marketing from a Business Owner's Perspective 00:02:59
    3. Difference Between Marketing and Advertising 00:02:30
    4. Unique Value Propositions 00:05:00
    5. UVP Examples 00:04:27
  3. Identifying Your Customers
    1. Introduction 00:01:08
    2. Identifying Your Target Market 00:04:38
    3. Customer Targeting Examples 00:04:44
    4. Exercise - Find and Talk to Your Customers 00:03:11
    5. Creating an Ideal Customer Avatar 00:02:49
    6. Calculating Your Target Market Size 00:11:09
  4. Basic Marketing Principles
    1. Social Media Marketing 00:03:08
    2. Content Marketing 00:07:38
    3. Content Marketing Examples 00:04:49
    4. Affiliate Marketing 00:04:52
    5. Sales Funnels 00:05:31
    6. Paid Marketing 00:06:21
    7. The Net Promoter Score 00:02:39
    8. The Biggest Secret of Marketing Success 00:06:15
  5. Marketing Plans
    1. Creating a Marketing Strategy 00:07:56
    2. Two Ways to Create a Marketing Plan 00:08:27
  6. Your Online Presence
    1. Leveraging Large Platforms 00:02:38
    2. Creating Your Own Online Presence 00:03:53
    3. Online Presence Examples 00:03:15
  7. Additional Strategies
    1. Product Quality is a Great Selling Tool 00:03:50
    2. Driving Traffic from Your Email Signature 00:02:12
  8. Building a Team
    1. Building a Sales Team 00:06:00
    2. Pitfalls of Outsourcing Your Marketing 00:03:12
  9. Basic Search Engine Optimization
    1. Introduction to SEO 00:11:13
    2. History of SEO 00:08:51
    3. SEO for New Websites 00:01:59
    4. Meta Title and Meta Keyword 00:02:32
    5. Intro to Keyword Research 00:05:10
    6. Common SEO Mistakes 00:04:39
    7. Top SEO Ranking Factors 00:11:00
    8. Finding Good Links for SEO 00:06:42
  10. Using Google Analytics
    1. Intro to Google Analytics 00:03:12
    2. Setting Up Google Analytics 00:02:31
    3. Real Life Example 00:03:45
    4. A/B Testing Explained 00:04:51
    5. A/B Testing Example 00:05:38
  11. Offline Marketing
    1. Offline Marketing 00:04:53
    2. Business Networking 00:06:43
    3. Brick and Mortar Stores 00:03:14
  12. Lessons from the Masters
    1. Steve Blank and the Customer Development Methodology 00:04:49
    2. Eric Ries - 3 Engines of Growth 00:10:29
    3. Seth Godin and the Purple Cow 00:04:58

Product Information

  • Title: Introduction to Marketing
  • Author(s): Alex Genadinik
  • Release date: July 2018
  • Publisher(s): Stone River eLearning
  • ISBN: 70000SREAG24