Data preparation, interactive, 448
Davidon-Fletcher-Powell (DFP) method, 324–327
Decision making, interactive, 449–450
Definite matrices, quadratic forms and, 96–102
Definitions, standard LP, 193–194
Degenerate basic feasible solution, 226–228
Descent algorithm, modified constrained steepest, 404–405
Descent condition, 389–393
Descent directions
and descent step, 280–281
orthogonality of steepest, 314–315
Descent functions, 345, 406–407
Descent method, steepest, 293–296, 310–315
example—verification of properties of gradient vector, 312–314
orthogonality of steepest descent directions, 314–315
properties of gradient vector, 310–314
Descent, methods of generalized, 569–571
Descent search, steepest, ...

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