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Introduction to QGIS Python Programming

Video Description

Learn how to analyze and display geospatial information using QGIS and Python

About This Video

  • Become familiar with using QGIS as a tool for Python geospatial development.

  • Understand how the QGIS Python library can be used to read, write, edit, analyze and display geospatial information.

  • See how to use the QGIS Python APIs to solve a range of real-world geospatial programming problems.

  • Learn how to create plugins which run within the QGIS application itself.

  • Discover how to create standalone applications that use the QGIS Python API.

  • In Detail

    QGIS is a standalone geographical information system -- that is, an application for viewing, analyzing and editing geospatial data. This video course shows how to leverage QGIS as a tool for developing geospatial applications using Python. Geospatial applications are often very complicated; using QGIS, you can avoid a lot of this complexity by developing at a higher level, making use of many of the tools for viewing, analyzing and editing geospatial data that are provided by the QGIS system. Using these tools, you can build more sophisticated geospatial applications with less time and effort.