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Introduction to Sass

Video Description

Why Study Sass?

As a scripting language, it is compatible with any CSS version. As a preprocessor, Sass is a great aide in maintaining large volumes of stylesheets. It boasts with numerous features which you can't find in CSS like nesting, variables and mixins


  • Over 40 minutes of content!
  • Rediscover the fun of writing CSS
  • Organize your CSS and make it more readable

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 00:00:58
  2. Compiling 00:05:38
  3. Project Overview 00:01:37
  4. Directory Structure 00:04:55
  5. Variables 00:07:51
  6. Inheritance 00:07:15
  7. Nesting 00:02:33
  8. Functions 00:04:56
  9. Mix-Ins 00:05:34