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Introduction to Server Administration

Video Description

Are you a developer who wants to be able to deploy and manage your own servers?

Perhaps you want to start working in server side development and need to understand the back end environment. Maybe you're interested in starting a career in server administration and want to understand the fundamentals?

The fact is if you're a web developer, or web technologist you need to understand server administration. After you complete this course you will be able to independently provision your own web servers, and deploy salable web applications that can be shared globally. You'll learn the tools of the trade used by server administrators, and how to properly secure your web servers.

This is a course about DOING-- not simply watching an instructor. In the very first chapter you'll hit the ground running as you create and configure your first server. During the course you'll master command interface tools like NANO and VIM. You'll examine package managers and understanding the LAMP stack.

This course also prepares you to work with GIT code repositories and the popular mySQL database. You'll also learn the important server administration skills of working with security and logs

When you enroll in this class you'll join a community of learners led by LearnToProgram's Henry Quinn. If you'd like to add server administration to your list of skills, we'll look forward to seeing you in class.

Table of Contents

  1. First Steps in Server Administration
    1. Welcome to the Course! 00:00:39
    2. About the Instructor 00:00:50
    3. Introductory Activity 00:04:38
    4. Defining a Virtual Private Server 00:02:19
    5. Obtain The Tools of the Trade 00:02:35
    6. Digital Ocean Overview 00:02:58
    7. Creating Your First Server 00:09:31
    8. Sign up for Digital Ocean and create your first server 00:05:08
    9. You're Officially a Server Admin! 00:00:36
  2. How to Connect and Get a Lay of the Land
    1. Handling Permissions and Servers 00:00:50
    2. SSH (Secure Shell) 00:05:11
    3. Putty (SSH from a PC) 00:04:30
    4. Create a User 00:02:15
    5. Navigating the file tree 00:05:41
    6. Quick Tour 00:05:35
    7. Less Quick Tour 00:06:14
    8. Setting Up Tasks on The Command Line 00:06:47
    9. CLI Came, CLI Saw, Cli Conquered 00:00:35
  3. Editing Files, Or How To Stop Worrying And Love Vim (Nano & Vim)
    1. Navigating With Nano and Vim 00:00:59
    2. CLI Text Editors 00:02:48
    3. Nano 00:04:00
    4. VIM 00:07:25
    5. Vim Adventures 00:03:38
    6. Creating and editing files 00:03:56
    7. You Too Can Be a Vim Snob 00:00:49
  4. Sudo Yum Get Install Understanding of Package Mangers
    1. Basic Yum Commands 00:00:57
    2. Package Mangers 101 00:02:26
    3. See What You've got and Find Something New 00:04:43
    4. Remove a Package 00:02:24
    5. Yum Cheat Sheet 00:03:13
    6. Using Package Managers 00:04:11
    7. The World at Your Fingers 00:00:49
  5. No, The Other Kind LAMP (LAMP Stack)
    1. What is the Lamp Stack? 00:01:01
    2. Introduction to the Lamp Stack 00:03:30
    3. Gather the Tools 00:03:20
    4. Common Settings in Apache 00:06:02
    5. Enabling and Configuring with MySQL 00:06:42
    6. Serving HTML Pages with PHP 00:04:10
    7. Working with Apache, MySQL and PHP 00:06:29
  6. Let's Git Your Code on This Server
    1. Using GITHUB to put projects on your Server 00:00:53
    2. Overview of GIT and /var/www/ 00:02:49
    3. Git Clone 00:04:56
    4. Making Changes (Remote) 00:05:19
    5. Making Changes Local 00:04:53
    6. Git Cloning Virtual Repositories 00:03:21
    7. You're a Git-tar Hero! 00:00:36
  7. If It Only Had a Brain (MySQL)
    1. Connecting Databases To Your Server 00:00:40
    2. Creating Users/Passwords/Permissions 00:04:42
    3. Creating Databases/Tables/Columns 00:07:33
    4. Connecting App to Database 00:10:30
    5. SQLBuddy 00:08:51
    6. Linking up to MySQL 00:10:08
    7. It's Alive! It's Alive! 00:00:52
  8. Help People Find Your Projects (Domains)
    1. Linking Your Domain to Your Server 00:00:36
    2. Buying a Domain 00:05:47
    3. Pointing That Domain to Your Site/Server 00:03:55
    4. SubDomains 00:08:25
    5. Advanced Domain 00:04:45
    6. Setting Up Your Domain With Your Server 00:08:34
    7. This is Kind of How Google Started 00:00:50
  9. How To Stop The Hackers (Security)
    1. Protecting Your Server 00:00:58
    2. Lock Down SSH 00:04:00
    3. Add SSH Key 00:07:55
    4. Basic Firewall 00:04:53
    5. Snapshot 00:03:19
    6. Basic Security 00:09:08
    7. The Best Offense is a Good Defense 00:00:43
  10. Have you Checked the Logs
    1. Check those logs 00:00:44
    2. Logs and You! 00:03:00
    3. Which Files To Check(is-altr) 00:06:10
    4. What to Look For 00:03:57
    5. Log Aggregators 00:04:24
    6. Opening up logs and searching for events 00:10:15
    7. Pay Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain 00:00:19