Introduction to Shiny

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Data scientists who work with R look to Shiny as the web framework of choice for moving analytical power into the hands of their bosses, clients, and the public at large. The reason? Shiny apps let the non-coders of the world control the visualization of complex data sets so they can explore, analyze and model on their own. Taught by RStudio master instructor Garrett Grolemund, this video details how Shiny combines the computational power of R and the interactivity of the web to produce highly interactive reports and visualizations. Part one offers a detailed description of Shiny and how to use it build an app. Part two covers reactive programming and why it differs from functional programming, the paradigm that guides most of R. Part three outlines the Shiny UI and the toolsets it offers to customize the appearance of a Shiny app. This video is optimized for the intermediate level R coder.

  • Learn to build, test, and deploy Shiny web apps from start to finish
  • Explore the RStudio IDE, the Shiny file structure, and the three must-have lines of Shiny code
  • Discover how Shiny apps instantly and automatically respond to user inputs
  • Master the fundamentals of reactive programming, the coding paradigm that makes Shiny possible
  • Understand render*() functions, reactive expressions, observers, plots, and more
  • Explore the tools R coders with or without HTML skills use to modify the look of Shiny apps
  • Learn to host your Shiny app over any network

Garrett Grolemund is all about the R. He is a Data Scientist with RStudio, one of the largest contributors of content and software related to the open source R language. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Shiny development center at He wrote the popular lubridate R package; the R focused O'Reilly Media titles Hands-On Programming with R, R for Data Science (co-author), and Expert Data Wrangling with R; and has three Rs in his name.

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  • Title: Introduction to Shiny
  • Author(s): Garrett Grolemund
  • Release date: April 2016
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491959541