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Introduction to Sustainable Business

Video Description

Sustainable business is more than just taking into consideration the environmental health of the planet. It is about innovation, making money, and creating and implementing practical solutions to solving great challenges: not only within a company, but throughout society.

The businesses that are thriving and leading in today’s 21st century economy are those that run a lean supply chain, perform well beyond any regulatory requirements, and operate on a sustainable business model. They do it not because an impulse to operate sustainably leaves them feeling warm and fuzzy, but because calculated management decisions lead to reduced risk, lower operation costs, profitable and unexpected outcomes.

“Introduction to Sustainable Business” will show you how to seize opportunities in your business, close the gap between meaning and work, and provide a roadmap to profitable sustainability.

After watching these videos, you will have the skills, tools and understanding to implement sustainability with a strong emphasis on application -- you will gain ten key skills that you can apply in your workplace  the very next day.

Specific Skills include:

  • How to talk sustainability using the language of business
  • Understanding how to do a greenhouse gas (GHG) Inventory 
  • Making the business case for sustainability
  • Greening your office
  • Setting your vision and goals for sustainability
  • Backcasting
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Sustainability SWOT analysis