Introduction to the ESP8266 and the IoT

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This course demonstrates how to design, build and deploy WiFI connected IoT devices. It introduces you to a low cost ESP8266 IoT computer, shows you how to configure the ESP8266 using the Arduino IDE (integrated development environment), explains the Grove "no-soldering-required" prototyping system, and leads you through two start-to-finish IoT projects. Designed for learners with a very basic understanding of programming, electronic components (resistors, switches, etc.), and the interconnection between servers and browsers, this course requires the following IoT hardware and software: Arduino IDE, ESP8266 SDK, the Adafruit Huzzah, an FTDI Cable, and a set of Grove prototyping devices. Each requirement is explained at the beginning of the course.

  • Gain a fundamental understanding of the Internet of Things-the IoT
  • Build two working IoT prototypes using off the shelf components
  • Learn to set up, configure, and program an ESP8266 IoT computer using the Arduino IDE
  • Understand how to build an IoT web server
  • Practice creating complex IoT devices using the Grove "no-soldering" prototyping system
  • Learn to use the IOT messaging protocol (MQTT) with the Raspberry Pi and the platforms

Dr. John C. Shovic, a 30+ year veteran of the electronics and computer industries, is CTO and Co-Founder of SwitchDoc Labs, a company specializing in producing cool products for the small computer maker movement (Raspberry Pi, Arduinos and others). He's founded many successful companies (TriGeo Network Security, Blue Water Technologies, etc.); served as Professor of Computer Science at Eastern Washington University, Washington State University and the University of Idaho; and has published 50+ papers on topics ranging from computer security to embedded systems and more.

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  • Title: Introduction to the ESP8266 and the IoT
  • Author(s): John C Shovic
  • Release date: August 2016
  • Publisher(s): O'Reilly Media, Inc.
  • ISBN: 9781491963449