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Introduction to the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite for Advanced Analytics

Video Description

The Cortana Intelligence Suite is an advanced analytics platform designed for BI developers, data scientists, features engineers, and business analysts. This course provides a description of the technologies that make up the Cortana Intelligence Suite and an explanation of the Azure Team Data Science Process, a systematic approach to building intelligent applications that takes into account business understanding, data acquisition, modeling, and deployment. In addition, the course reviews four critical types of advanced analytics and demonstrates how each can be applied to business today.

  • Understand the Cortana Intelligence Suite technologies, their purposes, and relations to each other
  • Learn how to use the Azure Team Data Science Process to plan intelligent applications projects
  • Discover four key types of advanced analytics to consider when planning data projects

Chris Testa-O'Neill works with the Cortana Intelligence Suite (CIS) and Microsoft R Server product lines as part of Microsoft's Analytics and Data Science team. A long term contributor to SQL Bits, Chris was a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for six years and has authored a wide range of Microsoft Learning Experience courses since 2007.