The current paradigm shift is bringing about a new era of meaning, connection and agility that affects the societal, ecological, political, economic and technological environment. Now more than ever, the classic rationality approach is showing its limitations and the intuition approach seems a possible complementary approach. Intuition can make it easier to move on to this new era and provide collective, connective and individual help.

Initially, what motivated this work was contradictory research on intuition. The goal was to demonstrate scientifically that intuition does not exist, that it results from random coincidences and therefore that it could not be proved. Scientific, literary and practical studies and lines of thought led us over the course of more than 7 years to research the existence of connections between these fields, such as acoustics and medicine, which on a basic level were unrelated.

The results of our research have shown that intuition was an actual and unexplainable phenomenon, and because of determination, perseverance and scientific insight, we can demonstrate that intuition does indeed exist and that it takes different shapes.

The original assumption that intuition was a random phenomenon was therefore false and its non-existence could still be proved. Step by step, we have accepted its “unscientific” existence and then, experiment after experiment, we have established an approach associated with exercises whose goal is to accept to feel ...

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