This book would never have been possible if the U.S. Army had not given me an opportunity to enlist in August 1976. Thanks to a few high-ranking Army leaders (Chief Warrant Officer “Chief” Moore, First Sergeant “Top” Chester Baker, and a few others), I was given an opportunity to pursue my law enforcement and investigative dreams and started accumulating many of the war stories shared in this book. None of us knew at the time that I'd later serve over 30 years in law enforcement and investigations. I am grateful to those and other leaders who gave me the chance to serve in law enforcement.

I learned from, worked with, and teamed with countless superb military police officers, investigators, city cops, detectives, federal agents, and fraud fighters as we accomplished our mutual goals of catching bad guys and stopping criminal activity.

I was fortunate to have served under many outstanding law enforcement supervisors including but not limited to: Randy Cook, Tom Bonnar, and the late Don Mancuso. By far the very best and most effective law enforcement and investigative supervisor I ever worked for was Mr. Richard Messersmith. He served the United States of America well for over 40 years and it was always a pleasure working for and with him. He always led by example. Under his leadership, I pursued and accomplished goals even I did not think were possible.

I'm grateful for having the opportunities to have worked closely with some of the finest federal prosecutors across ...

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