Chapter 14

Ten Things to Know about Investing Resources


Checking out investing resources online and in the news

Knowing what to beware of and watch out for

Turning to recommended resources

Everywhere you look or listen, you’ll find plenty — and I mean plenty — of investing opinions and advice. Some of it may be great information but not a good fit for you. Much of it is mediocre or downright awful and misleading.

In this chapter, I highlight ten important things you should know and do to evaluate investing resources and get the right information for you.

Get Educated to Discern the Best from the Rest

With the tremendous increase in the coverage of investing, more and more journalists are writing about increasingly technical issues — often in areas in which they have no expertise. (This type of reporting is true in traditional print publications but especially so online.) Some writers provide good information and advice. Unfortunately, many others dish out bad or mediocre advice.

How can you know what information is good and whom you can trust? Although I suggest my favorite resources later in this chapter, I know that you’ll encounter many investment resources, and you need to know how to tell the best from the rest. The answer rests in educating yourself. The more knowledgeable you are about sound and flawed investment strategies, the better able you are to tell good from not-so-good investment resources.

Beware “Free”

Too many folks get suckered into supposedly ...

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